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About Us:

Aasani is a mobile application that allows the user to book different services. if you want to know about us join us. And while sitting at your house. With the primary aim of providing Aasani to the people.  As well as Our market place of services have all the necessary facilities. Which one can opt for with just a random click,  hence saving time and money.

Aasani :

As the name suggests. Aasani works towards solving your daily routine problems that can mess your overall routine. Whether you are looking to fix noisy AC. In about us Or any other minor issue is driving you crazy. Our professional team will help you get rid of such fussy problems at your convenience.

Why Choose Us

Cost Effective

Aasani with a goal to provide people with essential services at home. We make sure that our customers don’t have to worry about cost.


We offer fast services to our prestigious clients. We want to provide Aasani to our customers. So why to disappoint them? We provide timely services.


All are employees/partners are tracked via GPS. To ensure that they are offering you safe and secure facilities.

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CEO Message :

Having five years plus experience in the corporate sector.I decided to venture on my own. With the ambition of helping people. I hired a team that shares my vision to handle the core problems.

People face every day. Realizing that such a small problem are either not fixed or ignored. forced me finding Aasani, an organization that not just solve the minor issues but also leave a good experience on customers.

As the name suggests. My core mission is to provide people with Aasani in their daily life. With just a click on their mobiles. My team is working hard to provide customers with a memorable experience.

CEO OF Aasani

Syed Hashim Raza

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Or Call +92 333 111 555 8

Vision :

We are looking forward to bring more services to our customers. But currently,We are working hard to make our clients happy. With our time management skills. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority at Aasani. As we aim to provide tension free day to their clients.

Mission :

Our philosophy is to provide Aasani.  To people in every fundamental aspect of their life. Aasani offers a dynamic suite of services including carpenter, Electrician, Plumber,Painter, Labour, Mechanic. AC-repair, Ref-Repair, Renovation and Driver.


Jab Chaho Jahan Chaho